Project Spider Web

This was posted on 2019-02-28

Project SpiderWeb is my domestic answer to the fourth industrial revolution. IoT is one of the key words that gets tossed around during these times. As there is much potential in what can be achieved with devices across the house that talk to each other and exchange and analyse data, I have started my own IoT project (SpiderWeb) - for the love of technology, of course!

For this I wanted to keep it simple and have a network of devices isolated from the internet. To do this I needed an Access Point to connect all my devices together. However, in order to keep costs low I used a WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 that was lying around the house and uploaded a code that lets is behave as a soft access point.

Spider Web

I borrowed some code from the ESP8266 Arduino Core documentation. Tested it out and encased it within a perspex housing before attaching it close to my USB hub on my workbench.

Spider Web

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