Creating a Personal Assistant to automate my lifestyle

This was posted on 2024-01-13

See project source code on github.

This project started off a number of years ago as a simple python script that was written to automatically classify and push images detected by my CCTV camera to my phone using the free telegram API. This program has evolved many times over time and is now tailored to help me accomplish my daily tasks easily on one platform.

The project was done on very very low budget using items that I already had lying around. I did not want to spend any money as I do not have any disposable income to spend here with minimal returns. But.. As the project kept growing I had the urge to spend some money on it hoping for benefits in terms of saving time and effort. I also ran to many issues while using sub-par hardware which pushed me to develop contngency plans to keep the project running.

The project has now come to an extent that I feel I should document it and maintain some documentation as to the improvements that I am doing.